Monday, October 23, 2006

IBM goes after Amazon; NYT mentions Poehlman

After the favorable publicity attending its efforts in patent reform and neutral brief in KSR v. Teleflex, IBM has filed two patent infringement suits against Amazon. IBM filed its suits in ED Texas, which is known for rocket docket patent infringement trials and patentee-leaning juries. The subject matter ranges from advertising to hyperlink technology to electronic catalogues.


further to IPBiz posts on the Poehlman fraud matter, the New York Times discussed the issue in its Sunday Magazine.

The Times article had oblique references to both Hwang Woo Suk and Jan-Hendrik Schon:

Most people involved in Poehlman’s case say that fraud as extensive as his represents an uncommon pathology, similar to what drove the South Korean scientist who claimed to have cloned human stem cells or the Lucent Technologies physicist who falsified extensive amounts of nanotechnology data. More frequent, according to a study published in Nature in June 2005, are smaller lapses in ethical judgment, like failing to present data that contradicts your previous research or inappropriately assigning author credit. Brian Martinson, who conducted that study with colleagues from the University of Minnesota, suggests that those gray areas, which many scientists inhabit at one time or another during their careers, portend a greater ailment for the scientific process. Minor transgressions, largely undetected and easily rationalized, can build up like plaque, compromising scientific integrity over time.

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