Sunday, September 17, 2006

New York Daily News on McGreevey book

The Daily News pointed to discrepancies between text in ex-Governor McGreevey's book "The Confession" and Golan Cipel's version. A prime issue is whether there was consensual sex between McGreevey and Cipel. However, both McGreevey and Cipel seem to agree that McGreevey had some delusions of grandeur about being governor. It is a shame that New Jersey newspapers missed this aspect at the time.

from the Daily News:

The former governor, who resigned in 2004 after admitting to having been a closeted "gay American," said in his book, due out Tuesday, that he felt "invincible" at the time.

Cipel said, "Once I asked him, 'Who do you report to?'

"And he said, 'Only God is above me,'" Cipel recalled.

In fact, Cipel said he didn't know whether it was appropriate for him to be appointed homeland security adviser since he wasn't a citizen, and that he wanted to tell the media that he never claimed to have homeland security expertise, and that his rank of lieutenant in the Israeli Army was common, but McGreevey forbade it: "He said, 'I'm the most powerful governor in the nation. I can appoint whomever I want.'"

Cipel took the job, he said, because "New York is the place I love more than anywhere else in the world. I wanted to help New York, New Jersey and America, especially after 9/11.

"I am no longer afraid," Cipel said. "McGreevey tried to intimidate me. But I consider myself a New Yorker and an Israeli. And that is a tough combination."


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