Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bleepers go after Ebert

Further to the IPBiz post about Bob Park on the movie Bleep, Bleep people William Arntz et al. have taken on my namesake Roger Ebert:

Please do the research, Mr. Ebert. We would be happy to speak with you, answer any and all of your questions, do whatever we can to help you set the record straight. You are a highly respected mediator of American cultural values. Your words have power. Please do what you can to make sure that they do not misrepresent a film that is proving to be of great value (and a positive inspiration) to hundreds of thousands of Americans.

There's an allusion to Professor Tiller of Stanford, and to Einstein:

We wonder how a professor Emeritus from Stanford University is "not qualified," or a research physicist from CERN. The one "case in point" you printed about the chiropractor reminds us of the famous comment: "What does a patent clerk in Switzerland know about the physics of light?" This was the rebuttal of many "qualified" physicists to Einstein and his Theory of Relativity.

Following his three 1905 papers (one of which concerned special relativity), Einstein secured an academic position.

Bob Park on August 11 noted: An editorial by Donald Kennedy in today's issue of the journal Science, says the public is concerned about climate change and favors government action. State and local governments are voluntarily assuming what Kennedy refers to as a "neglected federal mandate." I say, "stay the course." When the world runs out of fossil fuel the greenhouse problem will begin to solve itself.

IPBiz is waiting for Kennedy to correct Science's error on patents presented in the July 28 issue. The world will run out of fossil fuel first.


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