Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Iridex gets favorable Markman result in Synergetics infringement suit

Iridex states that it has received favorable results in a Markman hearing in a patent infringement suit, filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, in October 2005, which alleged that Synergetics infringed claims of Iridex's U.S. patent entitled "Optical Fiber With Electrical Encoding," US 5,085,492.

The court accepted Iridex's position that the claims of its patent may cover a two-piece probe connector, such as the one sold by O'Fallen, Mo.-based Synergetics.

The first claim of the '492 patent states:

A fiber optic connector for use with a complementary connector, comprising:

means for holding the end of an optical fiber;

an engagement member, connected to the holding means, configured for positive mechanical and electrical engagement with an engagement portion of the complementary connector so as to maintain the holding means registered to the complementary connector;

a contact element mechanically supported by the engagement member and configured for electrical engagement with a contact portion of the complementary connector; and

means for establishing a defined value of an electrical characteristic between the engagement member and the contact element.

To date, the '492 patent has been cited by 9 U.S. patents, the most recent of which is US 6,953,288, SMA compatible, safe laser connector system.


One notes that the Reuters report on the Markman hearing ended with:

(Reporting by Gopakumar Warrier in Bangalore)


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