Friday, July 21, 2006

Bob Park on story in Nature about Taleyarkhan's bubble fusion

On July 14, IPBiz noted that the Purdue University review of the work of Rusi Taleyarkhan was completed, but would not be made public.

On July 21, Bob Park noted:

Four years ago Rusi Taleyarkhan, then at Oak Ridge, claimed in Science magazine that he had achieved d-d fusion in collapsing bubbles. The bubble burst three months later, but he moved to Purdue and again claimed fusion. Others still found nothing. In March of 2006, Purdue, citing "extremely serious concerns," announced a full review of Taleyarkhan's work. A story in Nature this week raises serious questions about slow progress and secrecy of the review.

To date, Bob Park has not commented on the failure of Science to make public the results of the Brauman panel, investigating how Science published fraudulent work of Hwang Woo-Suk.

On June 21, the New York Times (section A, page 15) had noted:

Purdue University has completed a review of ''tabletop fusion''
experiments by one of its professors but is not saying what it found. In March, the
university announced the review after concerns had been raised over the
research of the professor, Rusi P. Taleyarkhan, who claimed to have induced
fusion by blasting a container of liquid solvent with ultrasonic vibrations. The
university said in March that it would announce its findings
, but in a
statement yesterday, Charles O. Rutledge, vice president for research, said the
review's findings and any subsequent actions by the university would remain

The New York Times has not commented on the absence of a report on the findings of the Brauman panel.


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