Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blog as an oil refinery?

From a blog: [T]hink about your firm as a refinery. If it's like most, your burning flame would illuminate the night sky. Yes, that's right, most firms waste a lot of valuable refined products. You have lots of insight, information and analysis at the tips of your fingers that just go to waste. Your clients and prospects could well be clamoring for stuff you have or know. And, instead of giving it to them, you, like a refinery, destroy it as waste.

And that's where blogging comes in. It's a way to share with clients your energy and insight. You can take what you already know and, at little extra cost or effort, make it available to the world. If, with just a little effort, you could publish your knowledge and insight, why wouldn't you? Especially if doing so brings fame and glory and perhaps even new clients to your firm.

Of a refinery flare


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