Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wayans fails at trademark attempt

from shortnews:

Actor Damon Wayans request to patent [sic: trademark] the controversial word that rhymes with Jay-Z's trademark persona "Jigga" has been rejected by the U.S. patent office [sic: USPTO]. Wayans wants to use the word as a trademark for his hip-hop clothing line.

The rejection marks the 2nd for Wayans by patent officials. Trademark Attorney Paul Fleischut says, "There is an act by Congress that says you cannot register a word that is scandalous or that disparages a particular group."

According to Todd Boyd, professor of critical studies at USC, Wayans can argue the word takes on a different meaning in the hip-hop culture. "Hip-hop has redefined the word. It can be a term of admiration or recognition."


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