Thursday, March 16, 2006

Daily News: If "American Inventor" were itself an invention, I'd send it back to the drawing board.

How un-innovative is this series about innovation? Let me count the ways. As I'm counting, you tick off the things that sound suspiciously grafted from the "Idol" gene pool.

Open auditions are held in various cities, before judges, with a majority vote required to advance. The immediate goal is to get to be one of the Final 12, for the next level of competition.

One of the judges has a British accent, and the judges don't always get along. The sole woman even gets weepy sometimes.


With "American Inventor" so shamefully, or shamelessly, derivative, have Cowell and company invented a total waste of time?

Nearly. The really bad inventions here - the Bladder Buddy (a garment bag you slip into to relieve yourself in public), the Walk Buddy (a walking stick that emits high-frequency sounds and, maybe, mace), the Tizzy Tubes (kids as human bumper cars), Space Beetle Utopia (think a really nerdy, creepy ant farm, with giant bugs) - aren't entertaining, even in a negative sense, just annoying.


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