Friday, February 24, 2006

Forbes on Blackberry future

Forbes brings up the possibility of action by RIM shareholders against RIM. Apart from a design-around to protect RIM's future, one still has the prospects of treble damages arising from RIM's past infringement. The re-exams don't change that.

Complicating RIM's prospects is the likelihood that even if it can get a good settlement, the company will be hit with lawsuits from shareholders angry that it spent so much time and money to fight NTP's claim.

Plenty of BlackBerry users remain faithful to RIM--and to their favorite gadget. "We are not worried about service being shut down," says Beth Perlman , CIO of Constellation Energy Group and another BlackBerry fan. "We have spoken to executives at RIM and feel comfortable that they have proven work-arounds."

Of course, that doesn't mean they won't jump ship if they have to. "We have been testing [Microsoft's] Windows mobile devices for some time," says Perlman. "We have these devices ready for executives should the need arise. So we're prepared either way."


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