Tuesday, November 08, 2005

US Patent on a psychosocial instrument?

Press release: Richard Bennett, LCSW, was recently awarded a patent for his Brief Therapy Treatment Planner (BTTP). The BTTP is a psychosocial instrument, used to evaluate human behavior patterns, which assists the psychotherapist in treatment planning. The BTTP allows the individual to describe his or her behavior by placing descriptive cards under several heading or category cards. The BTTP, generally used during the second diagnostic psychotherapy session with a client, uses a double Qsort to picture the individual’s behavior and often the motivation for that behavior.

The BTTP, also, can predict a client’s behavior in many areas, such as violence, attentional problems, victimization and honesty. Therefore this instrument can be useful not only in therapy but also in forensic work, employee selection, the treatment of marital discord and in assisting students to focus on the anxieties, causing him difficulties in school. As Bennett states, “This is an instrument for social workers, and other masters level health care providers, developed by a social worker. It depicts the future of social work and behavioral treatment.”

I didn't find Bennett's patent but I did find:

System and method of individualized mass diagnosis and treatment of obesity (20050240444)

An individualized system and method of mass diagnosis and treatment of obesity that is optionally configurable for a plurality of patients and health providers. Computer and relational data storage systems are used for operating a computer program and a secure web site on an internet. User profiles are assigned for accessing the secure web site using a plurality of computer terminals. Patient data and information are gathered for use in a health risk analysis to determine values for variables in a caloric energy equation. An individualized health provider web page is used to administer a meal plan, an exercise plan and an education plan to influence variables in the caloric energy equation to derive an individualized caloric energy deficit and a starvation response threshold in the patient. Patient compliance information is gathered for use in the health risk analysis and for correlation with the stored data to re-derive the variables.


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