Sunday, November 06, 2005

Google search on patent reform

At about 10pm on Nov. 6, 680 hits for +"patent reform" +2795.

The first hit for is the first entry on page 2 (#11 overall) and there is another hit for the same article as the second entry on page 5.

ArentFox has one hit on page 2 and one on page 3. IPBiz (continuations) has a hit on page 3. IPBiz (litigation) appears on page 6. "Imagine" appears on page 16.

There are a number of changes. Among them: (with Lemley testimony) makes an appearance on page 4. gphaonline appears on page 7. Dunescle appears on page 8.
Page 11 has a hit for:
The Patent Reform Act of 2005 (HR 2795), which was the subject of House hearings this month, "will eliminate legal gamesmanship from the current system that ...
which cannot be accessed without a subscription.

On google's PageRank, there is a white paper "PageRank Uncovered" by Chris Ridings.

As a general matter, ranking which relies on citation (linking) suffers many of the same defects as citation analysis. In the context of patent citation analysis, I have discussed many of these problems in Intellectual Property Today as early as in 1996 and 1997.

However, the instability of the results on +"patent reform" +2795 suggest more than a problem of citation.


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