Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Microsoft and Toshiba cross-license on software, consumer electronics

The trend to cross-license, rather than litigate, patents continues.

from Electronics Weekly:

Following last week’s agreement with Philips to link PCs and consumer electronics products, Microsoft has announced a patent cross-license with Toshiba covering PC software and digital consumer electronics technology.

Under the Philips deal, PCs would be made compatible with Nexperia-based consumer electronics products. Under the Toshiba deal, it is expected that PC software will be linked to Toshiba’s TVs and digital consumer products, giving Microsoft much greater input into the future direction of TV development.

Philips is to support Microsoft Windows Media Audio and Video and Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10 (DRM) technology in its Nexperia ICs for use in digital media receivers, personal video recorders, portable audio players, IP set-top boxes and video phones.

Both the Philips and Toshiba moves are in pursuit of the ambition shared by many in the high-tech industry to facilitate the connected home, involving the fusion of computer and consumer electronics


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