Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Rambus files infringement suits over DDR2, GDDR2/3 technology

Rambus has filed patent infringement suits in district court in San Jose [ND Ca] against Hynix Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, Inotera Memories and Nanya Technology Corporation asserting infringement of claims of 18 distinct patents related to DDR2 memory chips and GDDR2 and GDDR3 graphics memory chips.

John Danforth, senior vice-president and general counsel at Rambus, was quoted: "With analyst firms projecting a rapid transition this year from DDR to DDR2 and GDDR-based systems, and with strong evidence of infringement of our patents already in the public domain, we have taken this step in filing our first new patent case in the US since August 2000." He said analysts predict that the type of memory at issue in the lawsuit, DDR2, will be used in an estimated 49 percent of chips for graphics and personal computers by the end of 2005.

The complaint is available at:


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