Thursday, December 02, 2004

DOE reports out on cold fusion

The report is out on cold fusion. It's all right to submit quality research proposals on cold fusion, but it always has been. [Now whether they will be funded...]

From the New York Times on December 2, 2004:

''This was a very, very scientific, very
level-headed, review by everybody,'' said Dr. Kirby W.
Kemper, vice president for research at Florida State
University and one of the reviewers of the oral
presentations. But Dr. Kemper said, ''I don't think
we've made much progress since '89 in really nailing
down the parameters that make it reproducible.''
He said there were interesting scientific questions
on the behavior of hydrogen within metals that merited
research, and he said his comments tried to offer a
future research path.
Dr. Michael McKubre, a scientist at SRI
International, one of the scientists who approached
Dr. Decker last year, said the conclusions were at
least ''mildly positive'' in endorsing consideration
of further research.
''All we set out to demonstrate was there were
serious issues of science that had to be developed
further,'' Dr. McKubre said. ''If you look through the
materials, the majority, if not the entirety, agree on
that point.''

The report is available


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