Sunday, October 16, 2016

Plagiarism in Russian academics?

There is an interesting piece in gulfnews titled Russian academics fight back against fraud, plagiarism

Fake dissertations, produced by copy-pasting existing texts and merely switching a few introductory pages, are common

This is predominantly about the thesis of one Vladimir Medinsky and includes text:

Among the glaring errors in the work, Medinsky — who states up front that the merit of a historical fact should be determined by whether it is in Russian national interests — implies that Catholicism is not a part of Christianity and does not appear to know that Denmark is in Scandinavia.

There is also discussion of Panfilov 28. A July 2015 post at Eurasianet stated:

The only trouble is, the legend looks to be a lie.

Some of the soldiers said to have died valiantly, in fact, lived on for years after the alleged feat, according to new documents that have come to light.

On July 8, [2015] the state archive published a scan of a formerly top secret, now declassified document from 1948 in which the chief Soviet military prosecutor informed powerful Soviet politburo member Andrei Zhdanov that the legend “does not correspond with reality,” saying it is based on the "fiction" of a Red Army journalist.

Historians have long said the legend of the 28 guardsmen contained glaring inaccuracies.

But the publication of these documents serves as long-sought hard evidence that lays to rest any remaining doubts, according to Andrei Zubov, a prominent Russian historian.


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