Thursday, June 25, 2015

US legislation coming on the "patent box"?

The problem for the US is that the US cannot compete with single-digit tax rates some companies can now achieve abroad, so there is some thought in Congress for a "tax break" related to intellectual property.

From investmentnews:

The idea — known as a patent box or innovation box — would grant a lower tax rate on income generated from patents and other intellectual property housed in the U.S. This would aid technology and pharmaceutical companies trying to maintain low tax rates that they've achieved by booking income in overseas tax havens.

The so-called innovation box also is attractive to lawmakers in both parties worried that companies can easily move income outside the U.S. and chase low tax rates around the world. The break could help preserve the domestic tax base threatened by tax inversions and takeovers by foreign companies, said Representative Charles Boustany, a Louisiana Republican who is working on innovation box legislation.



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