Sunday, March 02, 2014

CBS "60 Minutes" on March 2, 2014

Crime and Punishment. "60 Minutes" goes through old stories.

James J. Bulger eluded the FBI for 14 years while living in Santa Monica, CA.

The largest Neo-Nazi group rallying in Trenton, NJ.

Barry Landau pulled off deceptions as to historical documents.

"The Gaskos" moved to southern CA in 1997. Charlie Gasko turned out to be Whitey Bulger.
The story first appeared on "60 Minutes" in November. Princess Eugenia on Third Street.
Josh Bond is the building manager. Janic Goodwin lived down the hall. Carol Gasko always fed
a stray cat. Charlie Gasko always had a hat and dark glasses. The Gaskos had 800,000 in the wall.
Joke: Bulger was on the FBI's "least wanted" list. Grand Isle, Louisiana. Mathias Donlon had medical files.
Catherine Greig photographs. Tip about apartment 303 in Princess Eugenia apartment.

The Jeff Hall story was first reported in Sept. 2011. National Socialize Movement. Jeff Hall was in construction.
Poverty is a scary thing. "Browning of America." Jeff was shot by his 10 year old son Joe, who was later convicted of second degree
murder and sentenced to ten years.

Bob Simon reported this story on Barry Landau 1.5 years ago. Landau stole historically significant documents. Inspector General of National
Archives: go after stolen national treasures. "Maryland Historical Society." Pat Anderson. July 9, 2011: Pat's archivist caught them.

IP angle: In 2003, it was discovered that the original Wright Brothers patent had gone missing.


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