Sunday, June 02, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on June 2, 2013

Lee Cowan, not Charles Osgood, introduced the stories for June 2, 2013. Tracy Smith does the cover story "One small step beyond," involving discussion of Alex's Lemonade stand, and children who have benefitted. David Martin does an untold story of D-Day. The 69th anniversary is coming up. This story involves the dark side of D-day. Third, Mo Rocca interviews Bette Midler on playing Sue Mengers on Broadway. Fourth, Maroon Five's Frontman Adam Levene is interviewed by Lee Cowan. Other stories by Serena Alschul, Michelle Miller, and Steve Hartman.

News. Five tornados hit the Oklahoma City area on Friday. El Reno. Wildfires in parts of the west. Earthquakes in Asia. Magnitude 6.3 in Taiwan. Another in the sourthern Phillipines. Riots in Turkey. Chuck Hegel talked with the prime minister of Vietnam. Both fought in the Mekong Delta. Jean Stapleton died at age 90.

Forecase: neavy storms on much of the east coast.

The cover story by Tracy Smith began with Edy Gilger of Lynchburg, VA. She has stage 4 neuroblastoma. Parents Nick and Emily. Tracy brought out the connection to Alex Scott. Tracy had interviewd Alex Scott in the summer of 2003. Children with cancer frequently get experimental drugs. Alex wanted to help others. Raised $2000 on the first day of her lemonade stand in Philadelphia ara. In 2004, close to a million dollars. Alex died at age 8 on Aug. 1, 2004. Alex's Lemonade stands have now rained 70 million and supported 300 cancer studies.

There was discussion of the Childrens Hospital of Philadelpha. Yale Mosee. Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (alk). Turn off the gene. Crizotinib. A strategy to give drugs that turn off something that is driving the cancer.

Poll: Will there be a cure for cancer in your lifetime?

29% said very likely
37% somewhat likely
20% not very likely

Almanac. June 2, 1731. Martha Dandrige born near Williamsburg, Va.

Moment of nature. Hummingbirds near Stonewall, Texas.


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