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Sunday Morning on December 9, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for December 9, 2012. We are making a list and checking it twice; what sort of book might we give. Cover story by Rita Braver. Tracy Smith interviews Ewan McGregor. Downton Abbey done by Martha Teichner. Lee Cowan with Bruno Mars. How Bruno Mars bounced back. Anthony Mason interviews Andy Circus, the man who created Golem. Steve Hartman. David Pope. Dave Brubeck.
Headlines: American doctor rescued in Afghanistan. Hugo Chavez goes to Cuba. Nelson Mandela undergoing medical tests. Charlies Crist is a Democrat. Washington State same sex. Heisman. Navy beat Army 17-13. Dallas Cowboy charged.
Weather: Line of storms in midwest.

"In their own write". Begins with Richard Paul Evans, author of The Christmas Box.
Initially only 20 copies were printed. Stephanie Bond on creating an E-book. 200,000 books were self-published last year. Publishers used to be gatekeepers. Bond had 60 books done by publishers before she self-published. Now, her novels are flying off the virtual shelves. She gets royalties of up to 70%. Jamie Raab, publisher. Lem Grossman of the New York Times. "How the hell did this get published?" Expresso Machine at MacNally in NYC. They print 1000 books a month. John Grisham and Mark Twain self-published long ag. Evans noted that there are a lot of stories out there that need to be heard.

Almanac. Dec. 9, 1884. Lavant Richardson got patent for ball bearing roller skate.
1968 gag in Funny Girl. Roller Derby. In 1980's in-line skates. Bill Geist at roller rink in Montvale, NJ in 2007. The Montvale rink is now closed. Ends with Lulu song: "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates."

How does a flesh and blood actor become a creature on the screen? Andy Circus as Golem. Golem's voice patterned after a cat with a fur ball. Technology of "motion capture"/"performance capture." Circus grew up in Eeling, in West London. Started acting in college. Movie: Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll. Going on 30. Circus played King Kong and in Planet of the Apes. Circus will direct Animal Farm.

Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey. Martha Teichner visits the Abbey. Shirley MacLaine arrives in season three. PBS' sudsy blockbuster. Robert Crawley. Series begins in 1912. Works way through WWI and inching through 1920's. Charting the downfall of the British upper class. Whirlwind. Ratings bonanza for Masterpiece. Rebecca Eaton. In April 2012, Teichner was part of first American crew to film. Dan Stevens as a heart-throb. Alistair Bruce: historical advisor. "Below stairs" is the domain of the servants. Brendan Quayle. "Downton Arby's."

Steve Hartman on "Family Affair." Longest servant football parents, the Ahos. They had 12 boys, spaced out at Kokato HS since 1989. Steve Aho at 38 is the oldest son.

Bruno Mars, for the record. Signature fedora. "I'm just a singer." Grenade and "Just the way you are." Unorthodox Jukebox. Peter Gene Hernandez. Name "Bruno" from a popular wrestler. Bruno did mini-Elvis. A cameo in Honeymoon in Vegas. At 18, moved to Los Angeles. Created a cover band. Pickwick's Pub in San Fernando Valley. Then, deal with Motown, but released without doing a record. Philip Lawrence, songwriter. "Nothing on you." Then, wrote Forget You. "Just the way you are" won a Grammy. In Sept. 2010, Bruno arrested for cocaine possession in Vegas.
Hosted Saturday Night Live. Dressed up in drag. "Locked out of heaven." Come on Lee, we're grown men. If you don't stop believing, it can happen.

David Pope as Techno Claus. Carbon Audio Zooka. Tagg Pet Tracker. Cirago iAlert Tag. POP Bluetooth handset. Necomimi headgear. Kindle. Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow.

Movie Beginners. "Great Scot" interview of Ewan McGregor by Tracy Smith. Dec. 26, 2004 tsumanmi in Indian Ocean killed over 200,000 people. Movie "The Impossible" details the story of one family vacationing in Thailand. 35,000 gallons of real water. Angeline Jolie raved about McGregor's performance. McGregor left school at 16. Breakout role was in Trainspotting. Then Emma. Then 1999, Star Wars. Moulin Rouge. Comfortable in his own skin.

Oscar Niemeyer (UN; Brasilia). Dave Brubeck. 1959. Time Out. Take Five. 1961 interview with Walter Cronkite. 2011 interview with Tracy Smith. Brubeck died in Norwalk, CT.

Week ahead. Monday. 3rd annual country music awards. Tuesday: Angry Birds day.
Wed. 12/12/12. Thursday: Golden Globe nom. Friday: piano from Casablanca. Sat. 110th anniversary of Marconi signal.

Opinion by Ben Stein. Quotes Herbert Stein. "with what little wisdom the world is governed." Foolish idea: reducing home mortgage deduction. Stein: The rich by definition are rich.

Bob Schieffer: Erskin Bowles and Alan Simpson on the fiscal cliff.

Next week on Sunday Morning. Led Zeppelin.

Moment of nature, where the bison roam, at Slough Creek in Yellowstone National Park.
[no sponsor for moment of nature this week.]

See you on the radio.


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