Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OriginOil does licensing deal with LH Opportunity Group

From Daily Finance:

OriginOil has granted a non-exclusive license to LH Opportunity Group to bundle OriginOil's high-speed and chemical-free CLEAN-FRAC technology with systems that LH and Ensteel plan to develop. OriginOil will receive royalty payments based on a percentage of system sales revenue. (...)
OriginOil has developed an energy production process for harvesting algae and cleaning up oil & gas water. Operating at the first stage of extraction, this high-speed and chemical-free process can be embedded in other systems to improve performance. Originally invented to solve the biggest problem in algae production, it is now finding demand in oil and gas fracking and production water cleanup, an immediate and fast-growing market that desperately needs clean technology solutions.

Riggs Eckelberry is CEO.

Nicholas Eckelberry is a named inventor on published US patent application 20110308962 and on US 20120129244 titled SYSTEMS, METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR DEWATERING, FLOCCULATING AND HARVESTING ALGAE CELLS. The first claim of US 20110095225 states:

A method for extracting non-polar lipids from microalgae in a flowing aqueous slurry, comprising: providing an aqueous slurry comprising microalgae; providing a lipid extraction apparatus having a body including a channel that defines a fluid flow path, wherein a cathode and an anode form at least a portion of the channel that defines the fluid flow path, the cathode and the anode being spaced apart to form a gap with a distance in a range from 0.5 mm to 200 mm within the channel; flowing the aqueous slurry through the channel and applying an electromotive force across the gap that compromises the microalgae cells and releases a lipid fraction having greater than 90 wt % non-polar lipids and less than 10 wt % polar lipids; and recovering at least a portion of the nonpolar lipid fraction.

keyword: biofuels


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