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CBS Sunday Morning on October 21, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for October 21, 2012. Tell our stories using our own words. Lee Cowan does a cover story on plagiarism. Quintin Rowan as a copyist. A plagiarist's tale. Second, Martha Teichner on "exit strategy," on divorce attorney Raul Felder. People are not going to be vindicated. Mo Rocca on the electoral college. Anthony Mason on Paul Williams. What happened to Paul Williams. Anna Warner on Freud. Steve Hartman. Headlines: George McGovern died in Sioux Falls at age 90; Nancy Cordes reports. McGovern wrote 8 books, including "What it Means to be a Democrate." NYT reports on agreement between US and Iran. Fungal Meningities with 23 deaths. Benedict 16th adds 16 saints. Tim Tebow has trademarked Tebowing. Forecast: 60s in northeast.

Lee Cowan on plagiarism. His step had an unusual silence to it. Quintin Rowan, assassin of secrets, penned under a pseudonym, was a mash-up of many books. A collage. Rowan started writing poetry, published in 1996. He began by replacing his words, initially from SAT books. Then he began stealing sentences. He fooled Paris Review, which published two stories that contained copied text. Shakespeare and Wilde were accused of plagiarism. Harrison and My Sweet Lord. Ray Parker, Jr. vs. Huey Lewis. Ed Wasserman of Washington & Lee University. Fareed Zakaria. Jonah Lehrer and Bob Dylan. Jayson Blair of the New York Times (Pelley on reporter fraud scandal). Cowan interviewed Blair about lifting a quote from AP story. Sometimes Blair invented; sometimes plagiarized. Taking stuff from AP and Washington Post. Slippery slope, once you see you can away with it. David Prestey at UC/Berkeley teaches neuroscience. Chris Carron is CEO of turnitin. A comment by Cowan that turnitin would have caught Blair. Blair is now a life coach. Quintin Rowan was outed by a James Bond fan. Contemplated suicide. Rowan: Honestly, it seems like madness. Cowan: the only thing he authored was his own destruction. [Note Rowan's Never say goodbye . From VillageBooks:
the most flagrant plagiarist in recent literary history, whose debut novel was withdrawn amid a national media hailstorm in late 2011, including front-page stories in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Guardian. He set the blog world on fire, and continues to be fiercely debated today. In Never Say Goodbye, Rowan traces his personal path through childhood theft and cheating, to adolescent delinquency and drug addiction, to the solace he finds in writing and music. But when he finally achieves sobriety at the age of twenty, insecurity about an early literary success seriously scrambles his judgment, and he turns to stealing from other authors. ]

Almanac. October 21, 1959. Guggenheim Museum opened in New York City. A spiral ramp. One critic compared it to a washing machine. Wright did not live to see the completed building. Motorcycles as works of art. Picasso. Nanchu Pike's light show. In 2002, James Rosenquist. 1997: Men in Black. Dan Plavin, fluorescent light in 1992. It's fun to be here.

Osgood introduces the story "Electoral Disfunction" done by Mo Rocca. Who are the electors? The electors vote in December, 2012. Rocca does mock vote colored pencils vs. markers. Five tables of kids represented states. "It's about everybody's voted." John Quincy Adams lost the popular vote. Campaigning in swing states, such as Ohio. 62% of Americans want to get rid of the electoral college. Thomas Jefferson called the electoral college the ink blot of the constitution. The national popular vote plan. Since 1787, 11 cases of "faithless electors."

Martha Teichner on Raoul Felder. Divorce attracts publicity. Madonna, Guy Ritchie. Paul McCartney. Robin Givens was Felder's client. Carol Channing. Rudolf Giuliani.
Felder grew up in Brooklyn. In 1934, his older brother caught polio in camp. Raoul described situation as barbaric. Jerome wrote "This Magic Moment," "Save the last dance for me." Raoul L. Felder went into divorce law in 1964. Trouble is my business. "I don't start a catfight." No holds barred when Felder represented Giuliani vs. Donna Hanover. Felder is vilified and vilifies. Book: Schmucks. Victor Cogner. Ethically insensitive. Jackie Mason was interviewed. Felder married to Myrna who is also a divorce lawyer. Felder: you have to develop your own path in life. He charges $600 per hour (and up) and escorts clients in a Bentley. The truth is nobody wins in a divorce case. It's better to settle.

Anna Warner on Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund. One of the greatest portrait painters of 20th century. Michael Offing met Freud before Freud's death in 2011. 96% of Freud's work is portraits. Lucian born in Berlin in 1922. In 1933, family fled. First wife: Kitty Garmin. Freud would sit in chair; target would sit in opposing chair. Friend was Francis Bacon. Susan Boyd. David Dawson was Freud's assistant. Duchess of Devonshire. I'm happy to say I've finally grown into my portrait. Freud rarely accepted commissions. Freud's greatest works were nudes. The naked body is more permanent, more factual. He fathered dozens of children. A way for Freud to be in the world without having to go out. Freud died at age 88. There is a show on Freud on the Smithsonian Channel on October 21.
Freud: "I paint people, not because of what they are like, not exactly in spite of what they are like, but how they happen to be."

Opinion by Connor on rednecks. Cable channels have become obsessed with rednecks. Redneck Rehab. Duck Dynasty. Honey Boo Boo. Hillbilly Handfishing. BuckWild.

Anthony Mason on Paul Williams. An old fashioned love song. Rainy days and Mondays. The Carpenters. Evergreen. The Rainbow Connection by the Muppets. I won't last a day without you. Voice of a sad munchin. I was a little media whore. Johnnie Carson loved him, was on 50 times. By end of 1980's, Williams all but disappeared. Kessler's: Paul Williams: Still Alive. Three years ago, Williams elected president of ASCAP. Won Oscar for Evergreen. Williams was born in Omaha. We've only just begun was his first. Then the floodgates opened. Three Dog Night. Helen Reddy. David Bowie. Rainbow Connection is Williams' favorite. Written in KermitSpeak. When you are in high school and you're four foot six. Go from being different being special. Guest hosted Merv Griffin show while he was high. March 15, 1990: sobriety birthday. I have a blackbelt in backslapping. Williams: response has been so respectful.

Rita Braver on fact checkers. at UPenn. Brooks Jackson, project started in 2003. Women have lost 580,000 jobs, but figure is closer to 90,000. Complaints and pushbacks from both campaigns. PolitiFact and the truthometer. CBS news has fact check operations. NBC's Andrea Mitchell quoted by Obama; NBC objected to ad. MotherJones. ever-roiling political tussel. Korn. Equal opportunity liars. Glenn Kessler. Pinocchio noses. Bain Capital was not a "corporate raider." 2.3 billion of tax credits went overseas. David Korn: temptation to bend the truth is too strong.

Steve Hartman on Destiny. Bob Celano of Mt. Vernon, New York. Bob asked his future wife: when's your birthday. [May 1941] They were born on same day, in same hospital. Finding true love can be a state of mind.

Coming week; week ahead. Monday: Douglas Kennedy goes on trial. Tuesday: Apple iPad. Wednesday: World Series. Thursday: pilgramage to Mecca. Friday: Hillary Clinton turns 65.

Newsweek. Print edition ends at end of year. 3.3 million in 1991 was peak. Now 1.5 million. Paired with Daily Beast.

Bob Schieffer in Boca Raton, Florida. Talk to Marco Rubio.

Next week. Superstition.

Moment of nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Tioproprium. California's Monterey Bay. Sea nettles rule the deep.


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