Friday, March 05, 2010

Rearranging the deck chairs at California's CIRM

In a post titled School Children vs. Stem Cell Scientists; A Public Perception Problem , californiastemcellreport understates a rather obvious problem: how can CIRM justify spending $1 million on selling itself, or even spend other monies, when the state of California is in shambles?

One wag likened the situation of California to that of Greece (wherein Germans suggested Greece sell off uninhabited islands):

Along the same lines, the USA must consider selling California to the Chinese. California has a $20billion annual debt and its citizens and government show no sign of being able to handle its affairs. The productive elements of California are leaving the state; the remainder expect to Obama to ride in and bail them out with his huge stash of imaginary cash borrowed from non-existent great-grand children. The situations of Greece and California have many similarities.

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