Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Winning in Florida

Joseph Stiglitz, who won the 2001 Nobel prize for economics and who advised President Clinton, correctly predicted on September 30 that Democrat Barack Obama would win November's presidential election.

Some discussion of Obama's winning effort in Florida from

Obama spent some $36 million on television advertising campaign in Florida, almost three times what McCain and his party spent. He spread an army of 500 staff members across the state.


McCain had built a core of supporters in Florida, but as election day neared, economic troubles made many voters wary of McCain.

Julie Smith, disabled from a car accident eight years ago, said she once voted Republican, but yesterday cast her ballot for Obama. She worried McCain would continue the policies of the Bush administration, which she said had cut off her Medicaid. That was a risk, she said, that she could not afford to take.

"Other people have it worse, they've lost their homes," she said, dissolving into tears in the parking lot of the south Tampa church where she cast her vote just before the polls closed last night. "This country is sick. It needs somebody like Obama. I think he really cares."

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