Thursday, September 18, 2008

CopyScape site helps track down internet plagiarists

More than two years ago, IPBiz noted the plagiarism by the onlypunjab website of an ezine article by LBE (see for example the IPBiz post, JEB Stuart travels to India.

In an article at womencorp, John Rothko identifies copyscape as a service that helps authors track down plagiarists. Of course, what one does when one finds them is a different story (ezine would not allow LBE to publish about the plagiarism of LBE's work!). Rothko wrote:

There is now a convenient service that detects this sort of theft, namely: CopyScape!
What the service basically does is compare text from your site with other sites and display a list of possible perpetrators. Often, those perpetrators are searchengines, just listing your description and then all is well, but once in a while, you will come across a clear case of plagiarism and then you might want to act upon it.
CopyScape has a free service and several levels of subsription. I suggest you have a look at it yourself at Just type in the URL of your site or an article and look at the results.


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