Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mossberg on going from PC to Apple

Mossberg notes:

While the Windows and Mac user interfaces are broadly similar, they do have subtle variations in day-to-day use that require some re-education for switchers. And because there are so many fewer Mac users than Windows users, help from friends and co-workers can be harder to obtain than it is for people switching the other way, to Windows from Mac.

A comment to Mossberg's post:

I have a Macbook and love many things about it but haven’t been able to switch away from Windows as my main OS because of email search. In particular, the Mac does not seem to adequately support searching attachments. Vista/Outlook does this very well but the only solutions I’ve seen for the Mac are kludgy and inconvenient at best.

[IPBiz seconds.]


I use a macbook, and the two button scroll is in itself a reason to buy an apple laptop. When using windows laptops I keep forgetting that I can’t do a two finger scroll or use the shortcuts. After using a mac for seven months, I can never go back. Same goes for Iwork 08 over word and powerpoint.

here’s a hint for anyone who has iwork 08 but is disappointed in lack of clip art, my macbook came with a trial version of office, I just copied all of the clip art that came with it and when the trial version expired, I lost the programs but was able to keep the clip art


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