Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Burning water" discovery tied up in patents?

KING5 in Seattle writes of the Kanzius "burning water" discovery:

But scientists say the project is all tied up in the patent process, and it could take years before those possibilities are explored.

IPBiz says: yeah, right....

KING5 also wrote:

[Rustum] Roy had his fellow engineers and students at Penn State put the so-called radio frequency generator to the test. They tried all kinds of alternatives, with and without salt water, and at different temperatures. They looked for trickery or hidden fuels, but as they have now reported in a science journal, they find it works.

Roy is NOT saying that this process makes more energy than it consumes. It is, in fact, likely an energy sink, not an energy source. KING5 did not mention that.

The paper in question appears in a 2008 issue of Materials Research Innovations.

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Blogger MikeMahoney said...

"...all tied up in the patent process"??

A simple check on shows that neither Kanzius nor Rustum Roy has filed any patent application for subjecting saltwater to radio waves.

Kanzius HAS filed applications for treating cancer with RF. But nothing related to production of fuel from saltwater as of yet.

9:58 PM  

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