Sunday, February 03, 2008

Giants win SuperBowl; message for patent reform?

Although not one of Fox TV's analysts predicted a victory for the Giants, the Giants won the SuperBowl. It was easy to go for the established 18-0 team, even when the (then) 10-5 team had already put up a fight in a losing 38-35 cause.

Similarly, it's easy for Congress to listen to the established players such as Microsoft and Intel on patent reform, the analogs of the 18-0 Patriots. But the new ideas, and the resultant innovation, are more likely to come from the little guys, such as Chester Carlson. It's easy to bet on a past 18-0 performance and much harder to recognize "disruptive innovation." Congress should look beyond the past to foster conditions for the guy who has the next big idea, rather than helping out the incrementalist.

And, one Fox person predicted a Giants win, impersonator Frank Caliendo.

And, of "little guys wanting it more," one notes the catch by David Tyree in the final Giants drive.


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