Friday, January 04, 2008

stART, a venture between Geron and Exeter

A post on patent docs includes a variety of patent applications in the area of SCNT and notes: Last month, stART Licensing, Inc. announced that it had been granted U.S. Patent Nos. 7,304,204 and 7,307,198. stART Licensing, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based joint venture between Geron Corp. and Exeter Life Sciences, Inc., manages and licenses a portfolio of patent rights related to animal reproductive technologies (including patents encompassing technology originally developed by the Roslin Institute for the cloning of Dolly the sheep.

Note also the article by LBE in 88 JPTOS 239 and the following IPBiz posts:

Geron prevails in appeal of patent interference involving "Dolly the Sheep" technology including the text: The technology relates to the work on "Dolly the Sheep" at the Roslin Institute, and the story of the patent rights arising therefrom is quite interesting and should be studied by those interested in how patent rights should be partitioned under California's Proposition 71.

Geron gets human embryonic stem cell patent, US 7,033,831 including the text:
One recalls that Geron is the exclusive licensee (in certain areas) of the WARF/Thomson patents, which are of relevance in the current discussion between WARF and CIRM about whether or not CIRM will need to pay patent royalties to CIRM in the context of California's effort in Proposition 71.


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