Monday, January 21, 2008

PatentHawk flames NERA

In a post titled Trolling, PatentHawk goes after NERA, beginning with the text:

Academics from NERA, a self-proclaimed economic consulting hothouse, who spurt that they "understand how markets work," demonstrate to the contrary in a report on the mythical patent troll, scintillating to a degree that guarantees no loss of sleep.

Spending a page and half on delineating trollishness, they roll a dung ball, deciding: "Each of these definitions presents a series of tensions and grey areas."

One commenter wrote: Economics, one of the "soft" sciences; aka "the study of the obvious". IPBiz reminds folks that the so-called National Academy of Sciences report on patent reform is truly the NAS/STEP report, featuring economists writing on patent reform.

Another commenter wrote: NERA is a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan, the giant insurance broker. It looks like their experts are hired guns in a variety of big-dollar litigation matters.

From the web site:
"We were Microsoft's economists in the US Department of Justice's antitrust challenge"

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