Tuesday, September 26, 2006

J. Brooke Aker on the Rosengarten case

In regard to the Rosengarten case in Orphans' Court in Bucks County in 2005, attorney J. Brooke Aker, publisher of the Fiduciary Review, a monthly examination of all Orphans' Court cases, said the opinion was too harsh.

"I'm not sure the Superior Court did not go too far," Aker said. "I've tried cases before that judge and he has always been fair."

Aker said the judge properly interpreted the law in the Rosengarten case. He said he planned to take a closer look at the matter and was considering writing about it for the Fiduciary Review.

"Personally, I'm not critical of Judge Lawler," he said. "I think the Superior Court took a roundhouse swing at him, for some reason."

The website http://magazines.izvilina.com/fiduciary-review_54677c0.html lists Smith Aker Grossman Hollinger as the publisher of Fiduciary Review, as does
IPBiz does not know if Mr. Aker wrote about the case in Fiduciary Review.


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