Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Neuronyx gets FDA ok to start phase-I clinical testing on adult stem cell therapy

The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] approved Neuronyx's phase-I clinical trial protocol for an adult stem cell treatment, known as NX-CP105, in March, 2006.

In April 2006, Neuronyx, founded in 1999 by the late biotechnology scientist and entrepreneur Hubert J.P. Schoemaker, received a green light from the institutional review board at the Arizona Heart Institute, where the study involving up to 18 patients will be conducted. The company will begin testing its experimental adult stem-cell therapy treatment in human patients for the first time in May 2006.

President and CEO Steven Webster said the therapy involves injecting heart attack patients with stem cells harvested from adult bone marrow 30 days after their attack to preserve and potentially repair damaged heart tissue. The dosage will range from 30 million to 300 million stem cells. In preclinical testing on animals the treatment showed the ability to regenerate damaged tissue.


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