Monday, March 27, 2006

More on offshoring of patent applications

Although the big market in offshoring may be in doing homework assignments for US students, there's still talk about offshoring of patent applications.

from a board:

*Has anyone actually used a service that outsourced overseas for drafting a utility app? Can you give me an idea of how much it would cost (not including filing fee)? Like how much would a firm like Schwegmann charge for a run of the mill application that it routes through its India folks? Not asking for any confidential info, but I just want to know how much it would cost my company.

*I haven't used Shwegman, but I do know that EvalueServe charges roughly $5000 per application. Not much of a cost savings over a U.S. filing all things considered, and everyone I've known who has used them has been dissatified with the quality (we've taken over several applications they drafted and I can attest to that).

*The oversea work costs about $2500 per application, but quality is poor. It takes about 10-15 additional hours of work to put the application in condition for filing.

*My firm does patent work for a Fortune 100 company (lets call it "ACME Corp.") that as outsources some utility patent applications to India -- mostly electrical subject matter. ACME in-house counsel tells me that their total cost per application (including prep & drawings) is about $2500 (!)

ACME in-house counsel who suggested and supervises the India outsourcing program says that quality is "good enough" to continue the program. Off the record, ACME in-house counsel who have to review and revise the applications say that the applications are total crap.

*The worker-bee in-house attorneys at ACME have said that the quality is worse than an entry-level patent associate and requires a substantial time investment in-house to get each application into shape for filing.

ACME still saves prep. $$$ tho -- on the backs of their in-house attorneys, who currently get no more productivity points for revising and filing of an application from India than one prepared by a US patent attorney. Sucks to be them.

-->The Wall Street Journal has an article on offshoring of legal work on September 28, 2005, and mentioned that DuPont was utilizing offshored services in the patent application area.


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