Saturday, March 11, 2006

Controversy over identity of creator of "Dolly the Sheep"

Guardian (March 11, 2006): The debate was ignited by an admission this week from Professor Ian Wilmut - the scientist widely credited for the research - that he did not create the animal after all. Speaking at an employment tribunal in Edinburgh, Prof Wilmut said he did not develop the technology or conduct the experiments, and played only a supervisory role.

At the tribunal, in which one of Prof Wilmut's colleagues, Prim Singh, alleges bullying, the scientist said he did not play a trivial role in the project to clone Dolly and coordinated the work, but added that 66% of the credit should go to Professor Keith Campbell, a co-author on the 1997 paper.

According to one source, all the credit for the breakthrough should go to Prof Campbell, who left the Roslin Institute shortly after the paper was published.


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