Friday, December 10, 2021

National Covid case rate at 248.2 per 100k per week; New Hampshire at 671.3

The CDC reported for Data as of: December 10, 2021 12:55 PM ET. Posted: December 10, 2021 3:36 PM ET

7 DAY CASE RATE PER 100,000 248.2

New Hampshire was the "worst" state at 671.3.

Some states above the national average:

New Hampshire 671.3 Rhode Island 612 Michigan 567.6 Minnesota 549.4 Maine 500.8 Iowa 499 Massachusetts 491 Indiana 488.7 New Mexico 486.3 Vermont 469.7 New York* 456 Ohio 451 Delaware 430 Kansas 427.9 Wisconsin 427.9

NBC Nightly News (Holt) on December 10, 2021 had a somewhat deceptive statement about the New Hampshire "high": New Hamphsire was the least vaccinated state IN THE REGION.

Mayo Clinic gives the following data for fully vaccinated/once vaccinated Connecticut 73.1, 85.5 Delaware 62.6, 74.4 Maine 73.7, 83.2 Massachusetts 72.6, 87.3 New Hampshire 65.3, 90.4 New Jersey 68.9, 80.6 Pennsylvania 59.6, 83.1 Rhode Island 74.3, 85 Vermont 74,5, 86.7 Washington DC 65.7, 83.7

What NBC Nightly News failed to mention was that the "other" states in the region, of higher vax rates than New Hampshire, also had high Covid infection rates. That is, although NBC suggested that New Hampshire was merely an outlier in a region, the truth was that the entire region has serious infection rate issues. That was a significant omission of fact by NBC which would cause the viewer to reach an incorrect conclusion.

Many states with vax rates lower than those of New England have lower infection rates.

Map based on CDC Covid cases for 10 December 2021 [darker color connotes higher Covid cases per 100K per week; eg see New Hampshire]:


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