Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Life at Delaney Elementary School (Orlando) in the good old days

There are lots of smiling faces in this class picture of Miss Lawson's 5th Grade Class at Delaney Elementary School (Orlando), which school was closed in 1975, to become the Mayor William Beardall Senior Center.

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DELANEY SCHOOL , which includes text about Jim Manuel

Though one might think of this period as easy and fun, note that the students had regular bomb drills, as if hiding under your desk would save one from a nuclear attack. As to creature comforts, there was no air conditioning at Delaney, and one frequently had black-eyed peas for lunch.

The hit song on this day was "Mack the Knife," and the nuclear war aftermath movie "On the Beach" would be released in a month. As to television, the most recent Perry Mason ["The Case of the Golden Fraud"] has just been shown, including Neil Hamilton [later of Batman], Arthur Franz (born in Perth Amboy, later to play in "Alvarez Kelly," a movie about the great beefsteak raid in the Civil War] and Alan Hewitt [ later to play in the Presley movie "Follow that Dream," part of which was filmed in Yankeetown, Florida and part in the Citrus County Courthouse in Inverness, Florida ]. The Huntley/Brinkley national news was on NBC. "Cheyenne" and "Father Knows Best" were on Mondays.

And as to US Route 66:


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