Friday, April 16, 2021

On April 16, 2021, New Jersey remains number 3 in Covid infections per 100,000 people at 282.5, with the national average at 146.3

Although New Jersey's Covid infections per capita has been dropping (now at 282.5 ), it is still the third worst in the nation, trailing only Michigan (538.1) and Rhode Island ( 302.6 ) and far in excess of the national average of 146.3.

The April 16 issue of the Newark Star Ledger had a small article on page A3. The article did NOT mention New Jersey's number 3 position in Covid cases per 100,000. It did not that the rate of transmission (Ro) remained at 0.92 on Thursday, April 15 down steadily form 1.07 on April 5. Governore Murphy was quoted: "Better days are coming folks. I know this for sure."

Of the publication by the Courier-News on April 15, 2021 of the "healthiest" counties in New Jersey, note that Bergen County ranks number one in Covid infections and Middlesex County number three in Covid infections. One might think that Covid risk enters into assertions of "healthiest" !!!


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