Sunday, April 11, 2021

New Jersey still second worst in the United States for new Covid cases per 100k population on 10 April 2021, trailing only Michigan

The discussion of Covid in the Sunday editions of New Jersey newspapers Star-Ledger and Courier Nees was minimal. The Star Ledger ran a short piece on page A9 emphasizing that the rate of transmission (Ro or Rt) was below 1.0, which is a good thing. Both papers did not note that New Jersey had the second highest fraction of new Covid cases per 100,000 (as of April 10 at 8pm: 310.2 per 100K), which trailed only the state of Michigan ( 533.4 ), with the national average for all states at 140.5 cases per 100K. Thus, New Jersey is 2.21 times the national average (310.2/140.5) and even the differential is 169.7/140.5 = 1.21 times the national average.

The "bad" states, per CDC data, are as follows:

The "good" states are:


The Newark Star-Ledger of April 11, 2021 did not mention New Jersey's "number 2 ranking" on "new cases" per 100K of population:

Comparing the following table (doses delivered to those 18 or older) to the above first two tables, one notes that there is no obvious correlation suggesting "more doses delivered" produces "fewer new cases":


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