Wednesday, April 21, 2021

New Jersey still number 2 in new Covid cases per 100,000; number of cases increased!

New Jersey retains its ranking as the second worst state in the nation for new Covid infections per 100,000, and the number is UP relative to the previous report. New Jersey with 25,963 new cases (over last 7 days) has a fraction of 292.3 new cases per 100,000, which is up from the previous count of 285.6. Michigan leads the nation with 519.8, with the national average being 140.6.

A front page article in the 21 April 2021 issue of the Newark Star-Ledger entitled "IS N.J. finally beating back Covid-19?" begins "New cases are dropping..." Well, not exactly. Of course, as the pool of people who never had Covid (and/or who won't get Covid because of VAX) diminishes, yes, the fraction of "new cases" will necessarily drop, because the number of people who could be in that category diminishes.

The Murphy target for vaccinations is 70% (4.7 million people) by the end of June 2021. One notes that is still hard to get a vaccination at CVS.

First two pages from the CDC; third from CVS; fourth from Star-Ledger link: cdc: link: cvs:


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