Monday, February 15, 2021

The "over-65" set is having difficulty obtaining Covid vaccinations in New Jersey

In previous posts on IPBiz (e.g. Vaccinations at CVS-New Jersey on 11 Feb 2021: "fully booked" ), IPBiz has discussed the difficulty in actually scheduling a Covid19 vaccination, especially for the "over 65s" now eligible in New Jersey. The problem is not so much "baby boomer" internet ineptitude, as it is that there is "no there, there," as Stein might have put it.

The cover of the February 15, 2021 issue of the Courier News has a secondary headline "Seniors accounted for 80% of COVID deaths. But many feel abandoned in vaccine rollout." Within the CN story:

But New Jersey's 1.5 million seniors found themselves competing with almost three million other New Jerseyans for 200,000 to 300,000 does that the state has been receiving from the federal government each week.

Those with limited computer skills have been hindered by the multitude of online portals run by state government and private providers to secure an appointment. Desparate seniors have driven across the state for a shot and waited on stand-by lines for hours in the cold.

With no documentation required almost anyone can get a vaccine in New Jersey regardless of eligibility. The prioritization many seniors though they have in vaccine rollout has not been there.

The article includes many observations by individuals. The byline is Scott Fallon, email fallon at


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