Tuesday, February 16, 2021

New Jersey opening up Covid vax sites for the use by citizens of specific communities.

On 16 February 2021, the Courier News ran a front page story "Vaccination site opens in Somerset." The article was about a vaccination site at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens," which is a "community-based" vaccination site open only to residents of Somerset (the town) as opposed to all residents of Somerset (the county).

The article noted that "more than 3,000 people registered with 28 hours," and, on a state scale, that 1.3 million total vaccine doses had been adminstered, of which 984,737 were first doses (suggesting that 984,737 distinct people had received some vaccination.) This statement is relevant to an article in the Courier News on 15 February 2021 which said:

About 37 % of New Jersey's vaccines have gone to senior citizens, while 62% have been given to 18 to 64 year olds. This means about 444,000 doses have gone to New Jersey's 1.5 million residents 65 years and older.

To determine "how many" seniors have received at least one dose, one would need more information. If one assumed the fraction of seniors with at least one dose were the same as the overall fraction (0.98/1.3 = 0.75), then the number of seniors with at least one dose would be 444,000 X 0.75 or 333,000, which is about 20% of the population of seniors in New Jersey.

[As an aside, the 2010 census gave the NJ population as 8,791,894 of which 13% ( 1,143,000 ) were 65 or over. 63% of the 2010 population was in the 18-64 cohort. (5,534,000) Merely fyi 0.37X1,300,000/1,143,000 is 0.42 , and 0.62 X 1,300,000/5,534,000 is 0.15, dose per per capita of cohort]


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