Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Covid vaccinations in New Jersey generally, and in Somerset County specifically

In the story in the Patch titled The Quest To COVID Vaccinate My Baby Boomer Parents In New Jersey , Russ Crespolini mentions that the Somerset County covid vaccination program is open to all Somerset County residents (true) and those working in Somerset County (but not residents, likely not true). He directed readers to the Somerset County vaccination website.

In fact, Somerset County handles its vaccination registration program through the state hub. Somerset County merely states

The COVID-19 Hotline -- (908) 231-7155 -- is for questions and assistance only. We cannot provide vaccination appointments with this line. For appointments, visit or call (855) 568-0545. Somerset County will be participating in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations throughout the next six months, with the rollout going initially to the CDC’s Phase 1 categories of health care staff, first responders, essential workers, and vulnerable populations Following Phase 1, vaccinations will be rolled out to the general public, as well. Any New Jersey resident or worker interested in receiving a vaccine in those categories or in the general population should register at to be notified when they will be eligible to attend a vaccination clinic during the roll-out. Pre-registration does not include an appointment, but an interest in being vaccinated. Once pre-registered, appointments will be sent based on your priority group and eligibility to receive vaccine. The length of Phase 1 and the timing of Phase 2 vaccinations for the general public will be determined by the number of vaccination requests and the availability of vaccine, but anyone can pre-register immediately.

Notice that the Somerset County website does NOT say ONLY county residents eligible. But is does not say who is eligible at the Somerset County vaccination center.

When one registers with the state of New Jersey, one is told one is registered to wait for an appointment. One does NOT get information as to WHERE to get a vaccination or WHEN a vaccination appointment will be available.

UPDATE on 25 Feb 2021: IPBiz contacted people who were in the category "work in Somerset but don't live in Somerset," who phoned the Somerset County Health phone line (908-231-7155). The answer: They confirmed that only Somerset County residents are eligible for RVCC shots. Thus, the Patch article is inaccurate in suggesting those that "work" in Somerset County (but don't live there) can get shots at RVCC.

From the Patch:


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