Sunday, June 21, 2020

Governor Cuomo on CBS Sunday Morning on June 21, 2020

Back on June 13, Governor Cuomo of New York quoted numbers created by Instagram people defining an Rt parameter to state that New York had done the best job in the nation controlling Covid19. New Jersey was second best. Hawaii weighed in at 0.99.

In the interview which aired on June 21 on CBS Sunday Morning, Governor Cuomo obliquely referred to the same Instagram numbers. However, on June 21, ten states had lower values of Rt than that of New York. Hawaii, which was below 1.0 on June 13, became the worst state in the nation at an Rt of 1.47, topping that of the second worst state, Florida, which had 1.35.

The website for the Rt numbers is , and notes:

While we make a best effort to accurately describe Rt, nothing can do that perfectly. Please calibrate with other sources, like, as well.

If the Rt parameter is truly "predictive," one wonders why there are such dramatic swings.

link to CBS interview, at 9:44 minutes, the longest segment on CBS Sunday Morning on June 21, 2020:

The moment of nature on CBS Sunday Morning on June 21 was great horned owls at Lake Erie.


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