Sunday, May 17, 2020

CBS Sunday Morning on May 17, 2020.

The opening CBS trumpet fanfare came via an "isolated" guest located in Lancaster, PA. Jane Pauley, dressed in dark (black?) introduced stories without news or weather.

The cover story, The Stuff of Dreams, was reported by Susan Spencer. Metaphors fill a "dream journal." Dreams are more vivid. Economic desparation. Huge cases of toilet paper. Tidal waves. Quick comments by Steven Colbert. A dream about Oprah's audience; Oprah comes at audience with a chain saw. Michael Naidorf of Mississippi State University on manufacturing dreams.

Up next, Seth Doane on performances from balconies.

Rita Braver on the class of 2020. Abby Bannon from Crawfordsville, Indiana (the home of Civil War General and Ben-Hur author Lew Wallace) did a song. Rebecca Blank, chancellor of UWisconsin (the alma mater of Rita Braver) was interviewed. James Patterson on persistence and resilience. Job hunting in a bleak market. Hiring freeze. Jada Thompson in Belleville, Wisconsin.

Anthony Mason interviews Graham Nash. Garden of Saint Mark's Church in the Bowery in New York City. At the time of Covid, Nash was five shows into a sold out tour. Nash is currently 78. Founded the Hollies. Best part of being 78: I don't care about unimportant details.

Lee Cowan on the effects of isolation. Analogy to baby birds, waiting for food to be delivered. Dinosaur brain: isolation is a threat. Isolation allows one to get rid of clutter. Thoreau: constructive solitude. But: Feeling robbed and feeling trapped. Go back to first principles and decide what really matters.

Luke Burbank on Mount St. Helens eruption. May 17, 1980. Mount St. Helens blows up at 8:32am. Book: Eruption. Trees flattened for 220 square miles. 57 people died. Lives vs. livelihoods. Governor Dixie Lee Ray. A stone hurricane. David Johnston died. The eruption was on a Sunday.

Steve Hartman on "determined seniors." Graduation done on a podium in a driveway at home. Graduation done at Indianapolis Speedway.

Conor Nighton on Faroe Islands, between Iceland and Norway (owned by Kingdom of Denmark). Opportunity to direct "guides" remotely as a virtual tourist.

Tracy Smith interviews Jerry Seinfeld.

A fluff piece on Tony Dokoupil Jr. and Katy Tur. Doing nothing and going nowhere summarizes this one.

Moment of nature. Beqa Lagoon in Fiji, where sharks are enjoying a quick bite.
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