Thursday, April 02, 2020

CAFC affirms ED Texas in Enerpol case

The outcome of Enerpol:

These appeals arise from an action for patent infringement. EnerPol, LLC accused Schlumberger Technology
Corporation of infringing certain claims of U.S. Patent
No. 6,949,491 directed to hydraulic fracturing methods.
Following claim construction proceedings, the district court
entered a stipulated judgment of noninfringement in favor
of Schlumberger. EnerPol challenges the district court’s
construction of two disputed claim terms on which the
judgment is based. Schlumberger cross-appeals, requesting dismissal of EnerPol’s
appeal for lack of appellate jurisdiction. We conclude that we have jurisdiction over
EnerPol’s appeal. Because we discern no reversible error
in the district court’s claim constructions, we affirm the
judgment of noninfringement.


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