Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the DNC debate of February 19, 2020

The topic of Klobuchar's not knowing/remembering the name of Mexico's president arose in the Las Vegas debate on 19 Feb. 2020. The New York Times noted:

Ms. Klobuchar, who dismissed the error as “momentary forgetfulness,” instead took umbrage with the attacks that Mr. Buttigieg had lobbed at her over the lapse, at one point accusing Mr. Buttigieg of calling her “dumb” and being overtly personal. And Senator Elizabeth Warren jumped in to defend Ms. Klobuchar, saying her mistake was trivial and had drawn undue attention.


“Are you trying to say that I’m dumb — are you mocking me here, Pete?” Ms. Klobuchar said. “I said I made an error. People sometimes forget names. I am the one that has, No. 1, has the experience based on passing over 100 bills.”


As to knowing names:

When asked about former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who correctly identified Obrador, Klobuchar said, “So, I would say to the mayor, this isn’t like a game of 'Jeopardy!' This is about, to me, experience, and I have so much respect for him and his experience, but my experience is different.”

Both Klobuchar and billionaire candidate Tom Steyer were unable to name Obrador when asked by Univision interviewer Guad Venegas ahead of the Nevada caucuses, the first contest in a state with a significant number of Latino voters.


Perhaps Klobuchar could have said at least I know who Alfred E. Neuman is.



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