Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Drifting out of public consciousness??

In a 12 February 2020 post entitled Just 'Mayor Pete'? -- Trump struggles for killer nickname , Jerome CARTILLIER

"I have little nicknames for all of them," [Trump] says, but Buttigieg appears hard to nail down.

In one badly failed attempt, the 73-year-old Trump compared Buttigieg last year to Alfred E. Neuman -- the cartoon boy with a wide grin and protruding ears who once graced every cover of humor magazine "Mad."

The likeness is good, but Mad magazine drifted out of public consciousness long ago.

"I'll be honest. I had to Google that," Buttigieg said. "I guess it's just a generational thing. I didn’t get the reference."

As noted in a 16 February 2020 post on IPBiz:

During "CBS Sunday Morning" on 16 February 2020, in a report by Martha Teichner on the holocaust, one finds the text:

According to a recent Pew poll, fewer than half of U.S. adults (45%) know that six million Jews died in the Holocaust.
A 2018 study found that more than six out of ten American millennials can't identify what Auschwitz is, and more than one out of five haven't heard of the Holocaust, or aren't sure.

link: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/a-return-to-auschwitz-75-years-after-liberation/

Although some people may forget history, and thus not appreciate its relevance, there are some that do remember.

Of comments to Cartillier's article:

If Buttigieg does win the nomination, all President Trump would have to do at the first debate is slowly pull out a copy of Mad Magazine & show it to the audience.



Alfred E. Neuman NAILED IT. Trump isn't having trouble "coming up" with a name... you're just not bright enough to grasp it.
THat was HILARIOUS and TIMELY and ACCURATE... which I believe is what the younger generation refers to as NAILED IT.

MAD Magazine taught readers not to take things at face value, such as Cartillier's comment: " Mad magazine drifted out of public consciousness long ago "


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