Sunday, February 02, 2020

Christine Todd Whitman on "moral compass"

From "Meet the Press" on February 2, 2020:


It's in our Constitution, no foreign interference. It's literally in our Constitution. You know, former Republican Governor Todd Whitman tweeted that Republicans have lost their moral compass. Because it's hard to follow morally what Lamar said. If in fact the president is guilty of this, "But I like his policies, so I'm not going to remove him," you're morally corrupt. Guys, it's in the Constitution, right? But how does this play politically? I don't think it hurts Donald Trump politically. I don't. I think when you look at the NBC --

Christine Todd Whitman had tweeted:

How do we function as a democracy when we acknowledge that our President is allowed to break the law and yet look the other way? Not calling witnesses shows that #Republicans have lost any moral compass. Shame on you,
#RepublicansEnablingTrump #RepublicanShamTrial (4/4)

Back in 2008, Ms. Whitman had stated:

Ms. CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN (Former Governor of New Jersey; Former EPA Chief): If I have learned nothing else during the course of my life, I've learned to listen to my inner voice. Everyone has one. We call it different things - our moral compass, our gut feeling, following our heart. Whatever we name it, we should always pay attention to it. It makes us who we are.

Merely as an observation, to Whitman in 2008, "moral compass" was something internal to the individual, a voice telling the individual what to do. In 2020, to the extent the comment is about Senator Alexander, or like-minded individuals, the "moral compass" of Whitman refers to what a third party thinks is the right choice.

As Ben Butler observed in 1868, impeachment is a political, not a legal construct. Alexander's position to let the voters decide is a political choice.

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