Sunday, October 20, 2019

On Joe Biden's plagiarism

A pamphlet of the NJ Bar Association discusses plagiarism generally and the plagiarism of Joe Biden specifically.


The pamphlet of the NJ Bar Association does not mention the plagiarism incident of Joe Biden as a 1L at Syracuse Law School.

Of this more serious incident of plagiarism by Biden, see a 2008 IPBiz post

On the Biden plagiarism incident at Syracuse Law School

including the text:

IPBiz notes a key point: Biden was told that copying five pages without footnoting was wrong BUT he didn’t think there was a problem.

Cross-reference: Arthur M. Cooper

And see
1965 plagiarism flap 'a non-issue now,' says Biden's ex-classmate . However, the link in the 2008 IPBiz post yields the response:

Oops. Looks like we are unable to show you that content.

**Separately, as to Biden 2019:

Biden apologizes for calling Clinton impeachment 'partisan lynching,' but hammers Trump again for using term


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