Thursday, May 30, 2019

Patent attorney named defendant in Zirvi et al v. Flatley et al,, 2018cv07003 (SD NY)

As noted by GenomeWeb in December 2018, the plaintiffs in the 2018 case in the Southern District of New York — Monib Zirvi of Weill Cornell Medicine; Matthew Lubin, now an internist but previously director of medical genetics at Strang Cancer Prevention Center; and Maria Kempe of Lund University, amended their complaint to include patent attorney Robin Silva as a defendant.

GenomeWeb stated of the patent angle:

The suit accuses Illumina of submitting patent applications that appropriated the plaintiffs' zip code sequence technology. The term zip code was changed and references to Barany's patent application were left out, the suit alleges.

The amended suit also added two counts, one specifically targeted at Silva, alleging that she intended to deceive the US Patent and Trademark Office in filing patent applications for Illumina.


The presiding judge is John G Koeltl,

Pending as of May 6, 2019 are Defendants' Motions to Dismiss the Second Amended Complaint.



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