Monday, March 04, 2019

CBS Sunday Morning on 3 March 2019: the difference between truth and objectivity

Jane Pauley led off the "news" portion of Sunday Morning with items related to President Trump, including
"Trump unscripted," request for documents, and the security clearance for Jared Kushner. Then, the outcome
of the police shooting in Sacramento, and the unmanned SpaceX probe.

There was a bit of trivia, with a note that January became the first month of the calendar year in 450 BCI.

The cover story, by David Pogue, concerned documentary films, and included a comment that there was a difference
between truth and objectivity.

Almanac commemerated the birth of Charles Ponzi on March 3, 1882 (he died January 18, 1949, many years after his scam of 1919-20)

Of interest was a "human interest" story, by Martha Teichner, on cheese making (and judging) in Wisconsin. Later, on March 3, NBC
did a more downbeat story, noting that 15% of Wisconsin's dairy farmers ceased business in 2018.

Moment of nature did the Grand Canyon, celebrating its 100th anniversary as a national park.
[On February 26, 1919, Grand Canyon became a National Park.]


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